"Mom, what's transgender?"

A generation ago, Christian parents didn't have to worry about how to explain transgenderism to their nine-year-old, or help their teenager deal with mockery at school for believing in traditional marriage.

But today, as our culture's moral center continues to fly apart and with every form of deviance publicly aired and celebrated, we have no choice but to equip our kids to understand and to own the truth about such issues.

It's not easy, though—these are sensitive questions, and with the wrong approach we can harm our kids' innocence even as we try to preserve it.

In Made This Way: How to Prepare Kids to Face Today's Tough Moral Issues, Leila Miller and Trent Horn give parents (guardians and teachers, too!) crucial tools and techniques to form children with the understanding they need—appropriate to their age and maturity level—to meet the world's challenges.

Their secret lies in an approach that begins not with the Bible or Church teaching but with the natural law. In kid-friendly ways, Miller and Horn help you communicate how the right way to live is rooted in the way we're made. God's design for human nature is a blueprint or owner's manual for moral living that any child can grasp through reason and apply to modern controversies over sex, marriage, life... and the quest for human fulfillment.

Topics covered include:

  • Sex Outside of Marriage
  • Same-Sex "Marriage"
  • Divorce
  • Contraception
  • Abortion
  • Reproductive Technologies
  • Modesty
  • Pornography
  • Transgenderism
  • Homosexuality

Praise for Made This Way:

Made This Way is an excellent resource for all parents who wish to introduce their children to the beauty of the Church's moral teaching concerning human sexuality. In a practical way it allows the adults themselves to become more acquainted with the rich natural law tradition thus enabling it to be shared with a new generation.
—Robert Cardinal Sarah, Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments

We love this book! It's practical, easy-to-read, and well researched. It's great not just for parents, but for anyone who wants to defend what the Church teaches about God's plan for marriage and the gift of our sexuality.
—Matt and Cameron Fradd

Made This Way shares the common inheritance of natural law and the supernatural wisdom of the Church on the most fundamental and controversial issues tearing us and our families apart: from abortion to divorce to an assortment of novel and flawed views about human sexuality that make the headlines every day. Made This Way will arm you with intelligent, loving, and practical ways to inoculate or heal your young children and teens, and to joyfully share with others the beautiful way God has made us.
—Kevin Vost, Psy.D., Psychologist, Author of How to Think Like Aquinas

Down to earth, informed, and ordered to the nature of the child in different stages of life, Made This Way is a ready aid to parents—both for their own reference on the truth of difficult moral subjects and for the confidence it gives them to know what to say to their kids and what not to say. Leila Miller and Trent Horn offer parents exactly what they need to guide their family with honesty and yes, the delicacy approptiate to the subject matter, in a morally treacherous world. Fathers and mothers, read this book!
—Leila Lawler, Author of The Little Oratory

I just wanted to let you know that I have just purchased my second case of twenty Made This Way books. I took my first box of twenty books to my women's study group in my parish this morning and sold out within about 15 minutes, and have a list of about 15 more orders. This book is SO important for parents who want to preserve the minds, the faith, and the virtue of in their children. Good Catholic parents are hungry for the kind of assistance this book gives them! Our Director of Religious Education bought three of them, one for herself, one for the school, and one for her Parish School of Religion teachers. Thanks Trent, Leila, and Catholic Answers!
—Mary W.

For those charged with sharing Church teaching on hot-button social issues such as transgender identity, same-sex marriage, and contraception, Made This Way: How to Prepare Kids to Face Today’s Tough Moral Issues is an invaluable resource. Using Leila Miller’s practical experience and Trent Horn’s research and debate experience, the authors address 10 timely topics and offer practical suggestions for speaking about the issues in age-appropriate ways — for young children and older students. Available from Catholic Answers Press.

—Today’s Catholic Teacher

Made This Way: How to Prepare Kids to Face to Face Today’s Tough Moral Issues by Trent Horn and Leila Miller presents ten hot-button moral issues, a natural law approach to explaining the Catholic position on them, and tips for guiding both young children and teens. This clear-thinking, common sense approach is a boon to parents and anyone charged with teaching young people about controversial issues such as reproductive technologies, same-sex marriage, pornography, and transgender identity.

—Carolyn Astfalk

Helping Children Navigate Our Brave New World

SAN DIEGO, CA, October 23, 2018 /Catholic Answers—A major new book from Catholic Answers Press promises to help parents address the challenging sexual subjects that modern society forces on kids.

Made This Way: How To Prepare Kids To Face Today’s Tough Moral Issues by Leila Miller and Trent Horn is the first-ever book to help concerned parents and educators equip children with a natural law understanding of morality that’s based on the inherent design of our human nature.

It doesn’t come a minute too soon. “The culture throws every kind of deviancy right in our children’s faces,” says Todd Aglialoro, Catholic Answers director of publishing. “We can’t shelter them all the time—the only answer is to give them the wisdom and understanding they need to face it.”

Even so, the authors were careful “to protect the natural innocence of small children,” says Miller, author of the acclaimed Primal Loss. What’s appropriate for teens may not be for small children, so for each subject—such as divorce, abortion, premarital sex, or transgenderism—Made This Way divides its counsels into “Big Kids” and “Little Kids” chapters.

No matter what their age, adds Miller (a mother of eight), the natural-design approach “just makes logical sense to kids. And if something makes sense, they’ll stay with it.” The result is children who will be better able to resist the lies of our relativistic, hypersexualized culture, and thus more likely to grow into adults who keep their Christian faith.

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